Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Yesterday morning I was laying in bed and Leif was getting ready when Ellie ran into our room wide eyed and excited. "Knock, knock! Door!" she said. Neither Leif nor I had heard anything, but she was so excited I sent Leif to check and see if someone had knocked on our door. Sure enough, Leif's carpool ride was here and he'd knocked on the door to let Leif know he'd arrived! I think that is the first time that Ellie has told us something helpful that we otherwise wouldn't have known!

Ellie has also discovered bugs lately, and yesterday she discovered ants! We were on a family walk after dinner and she squatted down on the sidewalk and got very excited about something! She started yelling, "A bug! A bug! A bug!" We went over to see what she'd found and there were two ants crawling around on the sidewalk. She was so excited by them and kept trying to touch them and pick them up. I am sad to say that by the time we continued on the walk she had managed to squish both of them onto the sidewalk! It makes me so happy to see her discovering the world around her, noticing not just the big things, but the little things, too. And I realized that we'll need to teach her not to touch ants before we go to Texas again, because those ants bite!

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