Tuesday, April 22, 2008

She loves to color

Eliana loves to draw and color, with just about anything, ON just about anything. It has been so fun to see how her coloring skills have changed over the months, too, from large scribbles, to dots, to lots of little scribbles all over the paper, and most recently, swirly designs. I love the art she creates, and I love to just sit back and watch the joy in her face as she colors. She talks and sings to herself while she does it, and sometimes she talks to me. I can't often decipher what it is she's saying, but whatever thoughts are going on in her head while she is drawing, they're happy thoughts. And they make me happy. I love the way she steadies the paper with her right hand as she colors with her left. (Yes, she is still coloring and doing pretty much everything with her left hand.) And I love the way she sets the marker cap on end next to her paper while she colors.

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Anonymous said...

That's some serious artwork. I need one to brighten up my refrigerator :-) Mommom