Tuesday, July 28, 2009

While we were in KS we spent an afternoon with Aunt Carolyn. We pulled into her drive and Ellie said MAY WE GO IN? THIS IS SUCH A NICE CLEAN HOUSE! Funny girl

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Box House

While we were in Texas, Poppy made Eliana a box house. It was wonderful. It was made from a long, narrow box, like a giant hallway. It had a door, several windows, and an A-line roof. Mommom and Poppy even put  doorknobs on the inside and outside of the door. Eliana loved it. She thought it was perfect.

Then, Poppy got an idea. While Ellie was playing in her box house, Poppy built another box house just like it, minus the door. Then, when Ellie was outside of her box house, Poppy began cutting a door in the the other side of it, so he could match the two houses together and make an even bigger play area for her. She watched him cut into her box house with horror in her eyes and cried, "Poppy! Please don't cut my box house! You're ruining it!!"

Poppy's answer was simple, "Eliana, you're just going to have to trust me that I am making it even better."

Isn't that what we do to God? We cling to the life we have, no matter how small, how battered it may be, and we cry out to God, sobbing in the darkness for Him to stop cutting it, because couldn't He see that He is runing it? In His infinite wisdom He tells us to trust Him, that He is making it better. He is preparing a palace for us, one beyond any of our wildest dreams, and we are clinging to a cardboard house as if it were a treasure.

Poppy did attach the second room to Ellie's cardboard house, and she did like it, even better than at first. But those moments between her trust and sight were painful for her, just as they are for us. We may not see the greater plan while we are here on earth, but we can trust in the knowledge that He IS making us better, if not for now then for eternity.

How Old Are You?

Eliana turned 3 years old on Sunday. Of course, everyone asks her how old she is, and she is happy to tell them that she is 3. Today is the start of our Bitikofer Family Reunion here in Kansas, so she is, of course, getting lots of opportunities to tell people how old she is. Unfortunately for them, she usually turns the question right back after answering it herself. Poor cousin Helen was one of the unfortunate today, and here's about how  the conversation went:

Helen: Well, hello! And how old are you?
Eliana: I'm 3. How old are you?
(The rest of the group starts chuckling)
Helen: Well, I'm a whole lot older than you are.
Eliana: Do you remember the dinosaurs?!
(The chuckles turn into full-on laughter)

Having a 3 year old at a family reunion is sort of fun. =D

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ellie's Baby

Here's another anecdote from Ellie's time with Elizabeth's parents.
We have a variety of balls that we've been collecting for Ellie to play with. She won't play with the tennis ball - "that's Jakes". The others, however, are quite useful. She found one the right size, slipped it up under her dress and proclaimed "I have a baby!". She also said the baby came from the garden, so I think you're safe for now.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ellie's Boyfriend...

So Eliana is with my parents this week while I'm in Dallas at the Mary Kay Seminar and Leif is home in MT. Today my parents and Ellie stopped at a gas station where Eliana talked to the lady behind the counter. The conversation went something like this...

Lady: How old are you?
Ellie: I'm two. I will be three on July 19.
Lady: Oh... Do you have a boyfriend?
Ellie: Yes... No... Zach is in Salt Lake City.

Not  only does she answer questions very thoroughly, but she's 100% correct on all accounts.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I must assent

Elizabeth called me to say that she and Ellie have safely landed in Texas. She also said that as they were in the jetway walking off the plane, Ellie said to her, "Mommy, it's too hot here!"

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Out of the mouth of Ellie

after dropping a lollipop on her toe, she whined...

"Ow! Mommy, I hurt my toe on a lollipop! I need to go to the hospital...."

It took quite a bit of persuading to convince her that she really did not need to go to the hospital, that her tte would be just fine. Silly girl.

Friday, July 03, 2009

At 5:45 there's a beautiful sunrise, light rain, and full rainbow across the sky. His mercies are new every morning!