Monday, April 14, 2008

Planting seeds...

On Friday I decided to plant a few seeds since it looks like Spring is finally here. A while back I picked up a few things at Target for such a day as this and these are one of the things I got:

I thought perhaps Ellie might be interested in the little pots and it was an activity we could do together. It was quick, easy, and we could watch them grow together before we transplant them in the garden for summer.

The little pots came with a soil pellet (which Ellie dropped into the water so it could rehydrate) and a packet of seeds. Once the soil was rehydrated, Ellie helped me scoop it into the little pots. We did it in the sink to minimize the mess, and it worked really well!

After the pots were full of soil, we counted out five seeds for each. She helped me squish the seeds down into the soil, though she didn't seem to like getting her fingers dirty. It didn't take long to plant the seeds, so it was the perfect activity for her short attention span. Now the little pots are in the window sill and we're waiting for them to grow. As soon as they sprout I'm planning on having her help me water them with her little bitty watering can from Grammee last year. She helped me water the outside plants with a squirt bottle today, so I think it will be a good job for her. =D

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