Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ellie's New Sandbox

A week or so ago we put up a sandbox for Ellie. She loves to play outside (mostly on the deck!) and she really enjoys playing at the rice table at the Children's Museum, so it just seemed natural that she needed a sandbox.

Of course, this being Montana, the sand in the sandbags was frozen when we tried to fill the sandbox (otherwise known and the swimming pool she had last summer that she's too big to fit in this year) and really we just had a container full of sand lumps. But she enjoyed it all the same and will hopefully enjoy it more as the weather warms up some.

Given the few inches of snow outside today, though, perhaps we were a little premature in our celebration of Spring and the introduction of the sandbox. Ah, well, you win some and lose some. But Ellie has gotten to play with her sandbox a few times already and has enjoyed it.

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