Monday, April 21, 2008

Down to the River...

The last few weekends Leif has taken Ellie down to the Gallatin River while I do other things. These pictures are from the first time he took her down there, while I was away at our church women's retreat. When I got home I asked Ellie where they went. She told me that they went to the "river!" and then tumbled out with all the things she had seen there...

Goose, ducks, birds, robbin



Fish (It's hard to see, but there IS a fish in this picture.)

While they were walking along the trails, Ellie found a stick to carry around with her.

She was VERY excited about her little trip to the river. She talked about it for days. They went back to the river again yesterday, and took Zach, Kathleen, and Neal with them this time, too. It's becoming one of her favorite places to go.


Susan Beth said...

That is so cool! Can I go down by the river too? It looks so peaceful - chilly, but peaceful! Wonderful photos!

Christina said...

Such great great pictures!!! You have a pretty little girl. Wish I could go to a place like that.