Sunday, February 22, 2015

Achievement unlocked

I enrolled Eliana in ski lessons this year. It had seemed like my efforts to teach her had reached their limits. Eliana simply wasn't improving as quickly as I wanted her to.

Saturday marked the seventh of the eight lessons. At the end of the session, Eliana's instructor told me that she is rapidly improving.

For a change, I alpine skied Saturday instead of skate skiing, so at the end of Eliana's lesson, she and I were able to ski together for the first time in many weeks. It was a wonderful day with a foot of new snow in the last 24 hours. Eliana and I rode the Bridger chair to the top and skied the North Bowl, a black diamond run, together. Next we headed over to the Alpine lift and skied Powder Hog, another black diamond run, until we reached some gladed trees, which we dipped into. I was a very happy and proud father. I've been waiting a whole bunch of years to be able to ski runs in the vicinity of my skill level with a family member. Capping a great day of powder skiing with friends by skiing black runs with my daughter for the first time was perfect.