Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Running with the Horses

On Saturday Leif took Ellie to Three Forks to see the horse drive. It's much like a cattle drive, only faster! The horses are set to roam freely during the winter months, and then they are rounded up and driven to their summer fields each spring. Along the way they are driven down main street in Three Forks, MT, where crowds of people gather to see the spectacle. I had to teach a class at the scrapbooking store that day, but I would love to see it myself one of these years! It amazes me that we can live here for five years and just now find out about some of these things that happen every year! Imagine... a couple hundred horses running down main street! Leif said Ellie really enjoyed it. She's pretty enamored with horses these days. And now she apparently thinks it's normal for horses to run freely through the street and will occasionally look around and ask, "Horses?" Oh, the things that will confuse a girl. Despite the whirlwind that was the horse drive, Leif managed to get a few good pictures to give you (and me!) an idea of the event.

Here they come!

Running down Main street!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I may want to move to Montana !


Susan Beth said...

No doubt, Leif is a better photographer than Andy! Andy was there, and after I cropped and worked really hard in PS on his photos, I got a couple of mediocar. Next year, we will both join in this fun! I guess you can take a picinic lunch and really socialize before hand. Sounds like so much fun.

Ivy Six-Pack said...

Now that looks like fun! Something to be added to the list for next year!

Christina said...

You guys have so many things to keep you busy in Montana! Can't see any mountains, hike any trails, or see horses go downtown in Longview. :( So neat that Ellie can be around such great things!