Wednesday, April 09, 2008

We're Famous!

Okay, so we're not really famous. But it sort of feels like it lately. A couple weeks ago when we met Leif for lunch one day I very excitedly told Leif that I got interviewed as an active Freecycle member for the newspaper. He promptly trumped my story by telling me that he, too, had been interviewed that morning, only he got interviewed in a sound booth for the radio. Okay. He wins.

The Freecycle story ran in the newspaper this Sunday. Unfortunately, you can't read it online, but I did scan it in, so you might be able to read it here. (Click the picture to enlarge it.)

Leif's interview aired this morning and, fortunately, you CAN listen to it online (or read the transcript if you prefer). So there you have it. Our little smidgen of fame.


J said...

Cool! good for you! I think Craigslist is our version of Freecycle in Dallas, since our Freecycle is pretty much dead here.

Ivy Six-Pack said...

That is way cool! And amazing that it happened on the SAME day!

Jaime said...

Very cool! I like Freeycycle, too!