Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Breakfast of Champions...

Ellie is very particular when it comes to her breakfasts. She will eat pretty much anything and everything for lunch and dinner, but she seems to wake up knowing EXACTLY what she wants to eat for breakfast, and nothing else will do. Some days it's cottage cheese. Some days it's toast. Other days it's hot dogs. Today it was macaroni and cheese and pepperoni.

And so, while the mac and cheese was in the microwave heating, we went through this line of questioning:

Me: Do you want some grapes this morning?
Ellie: NO!
Me: Cottage cheese?
Ellie: NO!
Me: Do you want juice?
Ellie: NO!
Me: Do you want some milk?
Ellie: NO! Mac and cheese! (She actually pronounces it 'ack-cheese)
Me: It's cooking, Honey. Do you want some toast?
Ellie: NO!
Me: Okay, here's your mac and cheese. It's hot, though, so you have to blow on it.
Ellie: Thank you. (blows on it until it's cool enough to eat.)

Somehow waiting for your food to cool while you're sitting there blowing on it is SO much better than waiting for it to cool in the freezer while you sit there with nothing on the table in front of you. And now she's happily stuffing her face with mac and cheese. Silly girl.

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