Friday, June 30, 2006

Date Night!

It's Friday Night - Date Night!! Tonight we're going to dinner at I-Ho's and then seeing the Improv Comedy Death Match at the Equinox Theatre. We usually enjoy anything Equinox puts on and they have hilarious improv. It should be a good night, particularly since we're hoping to attend the "family friendly" performance. We've pretty much made Friday nights date night, following my Flylady schedule. We've been doing this for months now (maybe even a year) and as we approach the baby's arrival, it has been extra special to spend that quality time together, knowing that it will be a while before we can go out alone again for a while. It's Friday Night - go for a date!

38 week update

Things are still looking good here - went from 30-50% effaced this week, so that's progress. It's been hot here - mid 80's to 90's and I spent all day yesterday on my feet around town, so today I have puffy, swollen feet. =(

Every day we are getting closer to meeting our little girl. I am due in 11 days and we should have her for sure sometime in the next 22 days. At the Dr. yesterday she said it would be great if I delivered on the 6th and it hit me that the 6th is... next week! Wow... the thought that we could have our baby really any time is just amazing. As far as I can tell, we've got everything done that we need done before she arrives. Now we wait.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

One week!

No, we didn't get a week closer to the due date overnight.... there's only ONE WEEK before my mom and dad get here!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

37 Week Checkup

We're making progress! At the 37 week checkup today we learned that, while Phoebe is not ready to make her grand entrance into the world yet, she is getting ready. I am dialated to 1cm, 30% effaced, and Phoebe's head is at a -2 station. Yep, that's an encouraging change from a week ago.

Friday, June 16, 2006


I don't have to panic any more... we have DIAPERS! Leif, wonderful father-to-be that he is, stopped and got them on his way to work this morning. Pictured above are...

12 natural (undyed) prefolds
2 hemp prefolds
2 snappis fasteners (used instead of pokey diaper pins)
1 organic terrycloth square diaper
2 wonderfulls diaper inserts (for wonderoos and fuzzibunz)
2 kissaluvs newborn diapers
3 bummis diaper covers
1 fuzzibunz pocket diaper
1 wonderoos pocket diaper

My own cloth diaper sampler. We also purchased a diaper pail liner, flushable diaper inserts, a small diaper tote for the diaper bag (gotta put those dirties somewhere), and deoderizer disks for the diaper pail. Today was a good day.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

36 Weeks

Four weeks from the due date... and according to the doctor, not only does 36 weeks mark the beginning of the weekly appointments, it also marks the time period after which if I go into labor they will not try to stop the process.

I'm looking forward to seeing our baby girl, but at the same time, it's weird to me that we will be meeting her in the next 4-6 weeks. I really have no idea how life will change, but I know that it will, and drastically.

At our 36 week appointment on Tuesday, the doctor said I needed to make sure I had several things done:

  1. Pre-registration filled out
  2. Bag packed
  3. Car seat installed
I was happy to say that all three had been done within the previous two days. That gave me a little peace of mind. The fact that we still have not been able to purchase our cloth diapers, however, leaves me uneasy. Hopefully that will get taken care of tomorrow.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


After assessing the (absolutely horrendous cold, wet, and rainy) weather, Doug and Leif decided to come home early from TOSRV. Leif was dissappointed not to have gotten to do the ride, but I'm glad to have him home.

So... we went on a date. A real, dinner-and-a-movie date. Pizza at Cosmic (what...? It's a good obsession...) followed by the new Pixar/Disney film Cars. It was not only well animated (What else would you expect from Pixar?) and entertaining, but a movie with a good moral, too. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Some of my favorite aspects of the movie? They got Click and Clack - how cool is that? The hippie VW bus hooked on organic fuel and filled with conspiracy theories? Funny. Oh - and the complete mockery of SUV's and their fear of the off-road? Hilarious. Not to mention Pixar's self-deprecating humor at the drive in theater. I won't go into more detail than that - if you haven't seen it, I don't want to ruin it for you.

But if you haven't seen it, do. It's good stuff.

Friday, June 09, 2006

And they're off...

Well, Leif and Doug just left for their Tour Of the Swan River Valley bike ride near Missoula, otherwise known as TOSRV. It's a 2-day, 200 mile bike ride that Leif has been wanting to do for a couple years now. So this is the year. Here's a description from the website...

The Tour of the Swan River Valley West (TOSRV West) is a two-day, challenging and fun bicycle tour through one of western Montana's most scenic areas. It was established 36 years ago as a recreational and social event rather than a race.

Saturday, June 10
If you are starting your ride in Potomac, your short, uphill ride to breakfast will offer views of the ranch and Forest Service lands surrounding the rural community of Potomac. After fueling up on hot pancakes, fruit, and muffins you'll turn north into the Clearwater River Valley and continue on to the Swan River Valley. On your right will be the snow-covered peaks of the Swan Mountain range, part of the Continental Divide and Bob Marshall Wilderness. To your left is the rugged Mission Mountain range. Along this portion of the route you'll pass chains of glacial lakes and rural communities. Once you are re-energized by lunch in Seeley Lake, you'll continue along the Swan Valley to Condon and then Swan Lake for snacks. You may choose to camp overnight in Swan Lake, or continue on to the primary overnight destination in Bigfork. In Bigfork, a catered hot dinner will be served to all cyclists inside Bigfork School. Adjacent to this location is the camping area (camping fees are included in your registration). Bigfork has several hotels, but they tend to fill up quickly. Remember, you are responsible for making your own hotel reservations, but camping and showers in Bigfork are provided for free.

Sunday, June 11
Back on your bike, the ride begins with a liesurely 15 mile ride along the shore of Swan Lake. At Swan Lake you will enjoy a hearty breakfast inside the warm Swan Lake Community Center. From Swan Lake the route turns south and follows the Swan River Valley back to Potomac or Missoula, depending on your designated ride option. When you reach your chosen destination, its time to celebrate your accomplishment. You've finished the 36th Annual Tour of the Swan River Valley!

Impressive ride schedule if you ask me! I'm really hoping Leif will enjoy the challenge and have a great weekend. There's a 90% chance for rain all weekend in Missoula, so I'm hoping for that 10% chance of sunshine for him!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Stir Crazy

I've been home from work less than two weeks and I'm already going stir crazy. Yesterday I felt trapped, with no where to go, no one to see, nothing to do. Yes, there were two cars in our garage and, had I the inclination, I could have gone out and done something. But there was no motivation. None. Not even for scrapbooking or going to my favorite local shops.

Today, however, was different. Brilliant husband that he is, Leif suggested I spend the whole day in town, running errands, playing on main street, and spending time at a favorite local coffee shop. So I did. It was great to get out.

My morning was basically running errands - grocery shopping, baby shopping, etc. Then Leif and I went to lunch at Cosmic Pizza ($1.25 slice day - every Wednesday!), running into the rest of the RightNow Wednesday crowd (the Richter family, the Stevens family, the Warner family,
the usual Wednesday guys...) - it's like a party every time we go there. Of course, it's also sort of embarassing to eat at the same pizza place so regularly that you are on a first name basis with the people who work there, no matter whose shift it is. Anyway- after lunch I walked around downtown, visiting my favorite stores, taking pictures, and finally settling in at Rockford Coffee for a few hours. It was a grand, grand day.

These are a few of my favorite places to go downtown...

RoShamBo - the wonderful paperie

Stix - the underground yarn shop

FancyFlours - a bakers boutique

Rockford Coffee - a comfy couch and free internet!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Baby Shower!

I'm finally getting around to posting some photos from our June 3 baby shower thrown by Stephanie, Dara, and Michael. It was mostly, though not exclusively, craft night ladies. Instead of playing games, we made a calendar so I will have a place to jot down all of the things Phoebe does before I officially enter them into the baby book. Very practical, very cute, VERY fun way to start out a shower. Oh - and the food. There was a TON of food... coffee cake, waffles with whipped cream and strawberries, sweet rolls, fruit... it was great. Okay... here are the pictures you've been waiting for... =) (addendum: okay... so Blogger is being stupid and not showing all of the pictures. If there's a little box where a photo should be, you should be able to click on it and you'll be able to see the big version of the photo. Not sure why this isn't working today. Erg.)

Making the Calendar...

Some of the finished pages.

The attendees: Sherri, Julie, Wenda, Andrea and Ian, Monique, Michael and Kalin, Stephanie, and Dara (taking the photos)

The cutest Patagonia snowsuit! Thanks, Monique! Great for those 9 months of winter...

A little pink outfit sent from Texas.

Heirloom quilt begun by Phoebe's great-great-great grandmother, quilted by her great-great and great grandmother. The final (and extremely special) gift for my grandmother's first great-granddaughter. The woman who started this quilt was born in Russia in 1868. The quilt has been in storage for 64 years and has never been used. It is beautiful.

The "loot"