Saturday, April 19, 2008


What do the letters B, K, H, I, Y, P, O, R, M, L, S, and X have in common?

These are the letters Ellie can identify without hesitation the first time when you hold them up and ask, "What is this?" Some of the others she can get sometimes, but these are the ones she's really good at.

She can also identify the number 8, but none of the others. I find it interesting that she only guesses numbers when you hold up numbers (for example, I held up a 2 and she guessed 5, she guessed 3 when I held up a 7) and she only guesses letters when you hold up letters. So she apparently knows the difference between them, despite the fact that the numbers and letters are from the same set and look the same in everything but individual shape. And while she can't identify her numbers yet, she has recently added 10 to her counting sequence.

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leifw said...

She pretty well counts to 10 nowadays, although getting bored and distracted somewhere in the middle isn't unusual.