Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Stacy Dingfield, Jon, Ginny (Jones) and Josiah Hildebrant, Katie Morman, JD and Kara (Guisinger) Claridge, and me

Yesterday we had a LeTourneau reunion of sorts. Jon and Ginny Hildebrant (currently living in Africa), Katie Mormon (Bonners Ferry, ID), Stacy Dingfield (Spokane, WA), and I all converged on Sandpoint, ID, where JD and Kara Claridge live. With our kids in tow, we went out to eat at Panhandler Pies and had a good time catching up and reminiscing. This is the first time I've seen Ginny or Stacy since we graduated from LeTourneau 6 years ago. I saw JD and Kara and Katie back in April, but it's pretty rare that I get to see them, too.

We ate lunch, JD headed back to work, then the rest of us headed downtown to walk around. As you can see from the picture above, it decided to snow while we were out. We walked around for a while, then the not-so-accustomed-to-the-cold-because-they-live-in-Africa Jon and Ginny decided to head out. They're flying out of Spokane today and thought it best to get there before the weather got any worse for the drive. So Kara, Stacy, and I along with our three kids kept walking and stopped in at Starbucks for some coffee. Despite the snow outside, I still drank a Frappuccino. You just can't beat that yummy goodness, no matter the temperature. After a good long time chatting, Stacy needed to get back on the road to Spokane before the roads got bad. So we walked back to the car, said goodbye and parted company. Then Kara and I (with THREE carseats across the back of the Prius - it CAN be done!) headed back to her house for the evening.

My mom once told me that the friends I made in college would be my friends for life. Apparently, she was right.


Angie said...

your friends from high school, too... :) I'm glad y'all had fun; it's always great getting to catch up with old friends! (not that we're old!) Hope y'all are having a great week. Ang

Dana said...

what a great time! i hadn't seen pics of JD and Kara since i can't remember. didn't know that ginny was in africa (COOL!) and it's been a couple years at least since i saw stacy... thanks for the update!