Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ellie's World

Ellie has figured out that if you push the keys on the piano hard enough, they make noise. That is very fun and her Daddy is patient enough to encourage her in such ways.

She's also getting better at sitting up every day. I still can't sit her down and leave her, but she is getting better. And she thinks it's funny when she falls over onto the soft bed. Not so funny when she falls over on the less-soft floor.


fred said...

wowzers! it's a lou, and a lief, and what appears to be an eliana! stumbling thru cyberspace i found your site. i'm excited for you guys that the family is expanding!

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Yes it is! How/where are you? If you have our email address, give us an update sometime! If not, it's elizabethwickland AT gmail DOT com. So good to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

she is SO CUTE and SO HAPPY in almost every single picture you post... I LOVE IT!!! I think it's amazing that Leif will let Ellie "play" the piano, too. Can't imagine Dave ever enjoying that sound from any of our little ones!! - Tam

Jaime said...

I need you to post a picture of Eliana screaming or crying or something because I'm beginning to think she doesn't do it! :-) She looks so tiny sitting up. She's just the cutest thing! :-)