Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Say Cheese!!

This is our little ham. The camera comes out and she is all smiles. Thought I'd share a few pictures from today.

Okay, so she wasn't all smiles here. But that's only because she was temporarily ZONED OUT in front of the television! It's amazing how she can get sucked in and it's so hard to get her attention back. It wasn't even a cartoon or kid TV - it was Martha Stewart! Even Leif doesn't get sucked in by Martha.

Oh yeah - she gets sucked into the computer, too. She's sitting on my lap right now, very happy just to watch me type. And she giggles when I open a big picture of her. What a silly girl!

Ah yes, another picture of the new toy. This one because while all the buttons and slides make cool noises and play music, her favorite part of the toy is the book in the middle. And it doesn't do anything (other than switch from music to learning mode). She just likes to lick it.


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Anonymous said...

TOO FUNNY! i think it's hilarious that she likes to LICK the book! what a riot... i can NOT wait to meet this little darling in person!!! - tam

Jaime said...

I laughed out loud about that! How cute! :-)