Thursday, January 25, 2007


Ellie has been able to support her own weight for a long time. Her problem isn't strength, it's balance. But since she figured out how to sit up, her balance has improved considerably. So much so that she is perfectly happy to stand up holding onto something by herself. She did this yesterday holding onto the couch. Today I stood her up in the crib and she held onto the edge, then moved her hands over and moved one foot, but couldn't figure out how to move the other one toward the toy she was eyeing. After she got all toe-tied and fell over, I stood her back up and she peered over the side of the crib, then looked at me with the biggest, most delightful grin, as though she had never seen her room from that vantage point before.

She is getting closer to being mobile every day. She reaches for things that she wants, and she sort of inches towards them on her belly on the floor. Yesterday she was playing on the floor and I went into another room for a bit. When I came back out she had rolled halfway across the room, almost under the couch! She's starting to go places. Her world is getting bigger.

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