Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sitting up tall

It's official - Eliana can sit by herself now! Yesterday she finally figured it out. I sat her down in front of a toy and went to go run some bath water for her, and when the bath was ready, she was still sitting there, playing with her toy. She rarely falls over now, even if she leans to get something.

Today she did something new, too - she made a mess of herself while eating! It's the first time she's gotten food on her hands and rubbed it all over her face. She did it twice. Silly girl! She was so tired because she didn't have a good nap and she always rubs her nose and eyes when she's tired. So much for staying clean during lunchtime!


Anonymous said...

She's so CUTE! That's a third generation picture you took of Ellie by the way. There are messy face pictures that exist of both you and your mother. She inherited the best of us. Mom

Uncle Jerry said...

It's a pleasure to visit, I have you guys in my favorites so it's easy to access. I love the shots you post, " cutie " and Montana, both. Good on you for the toy. Hope you got something good for yourselves too. Jerry