Sunday, January 14, 2007

New Toy!

For Christmas, Uncle Jerry sent Eliana some money. So last night we went to the store and got a new toy. It was one some friends of ours have that Ellie got to play with a little bit a few weeks ago. It seemed easy enough for her to push the buttons and stuff, and it played music, which she tends to like. It's the Leap Frog Learn and Groove Musical Table.

It's got lots of things to push and slide and they all make noise. So this morning we pulled it out and Ellie got to play with it for the first time. Talk about a happy baby! She giggled and played and smiled and LOVED it. She loved it so much that she wouldn't even look at the camera when it came out - and normally she's a camera hog! I think we have a winner! We haven't gotten Ellie too many toys; she mostly just plays with the same thing every day: a play gym with things hanging over her to bat at and play with. She's got a doll that she plays with and a pop up toy that she's not quite able to work right just yet. So... this will add a little variety and is something that can grow with her, too.


leifw said...

Best of all, it has an off switch, volume control, and plays a number of different non-annoying tunes!

Dana said...

all three of my kids have loved playing with that leap frog music table... and it's still going strong! :)

Anonymous said...

too cute! henry dyck has something like this and there's one in the nursery at our church, too... so glad ellie likes it... seems to be pretty popular with the kids these days!! - tam