Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Long time...

It's been over a week since I last posted. We haven't been that busy, there just hasn't been much going on. I know, I know, but I could at least post some pictures during the down times. I can hear you thinking it. I haven't been taking many pictures lately either. Well, here are a couple pictures. I might even have a video or two a little later. Most of the things Ellie is doing these days are cuter on video than in photos. She just wiggles so much! Let's see...

Eliana can now easily roll pretty much anywhere she chooses. Thankfully so far she's only been interested in rolling to things that are nearby, like her doll or bottle. She hasn't been so interested in rolling into another room or anything like that, though I'm sure that day will come. But for now she just rolls around happily from one thing to the next, keeping herself amused pretty well.

"Kh" - that's Ellie's new sound. She is always making "kh, kh, kh" sounds. It's pretty cute. She gets a kick when we repeat it back to her, which just encourages her to make the sound even more, but it's sort of irresistible, so we just keep doing it. =)

For Christmas Ellie got a soft doll from "Grandma" Bennie. And she loves it. She hugs it, snuggles with it, chews on it, and giggles at it. She is a girl through and through. If she's fussy in the swing and I need to get things done, I just give her the doll and all is well. She doesn't do that with any of her other plush toys - just this one. Silly girl. Here's Ellie with her doll.

Ellie is still eating very well. Today she tried bananas for the first time and she loved them! I wasn't sure how she'd react since she wasn't overjoyed with the pears, but the bananas were a hit! So now our food list has expanded to: rice cereal, avacado, sweet potato, pears, and bananas. Maybe we'll try carrots next. She's a good eater, though she still won't have anything to do with water. She knows when her bottle has water and not formula or milk in it!

Oh yeah - sitting up! She can't sit up terribly well yet, but she is getting better each day. She can sit and play with things for a half minute or so before she tries to reach too far to get something and topples over. But she doesn't cry when she falls, which is good. It's good to see her interested in sitting up now, though she's always more interested in standing or "walking". She's gotten pretty good at walking while holding onto our hands, but lately she's started going backwards instead of forwards. Well, whatever works!

She's also a lot more interactive these days. She got a pop up toy for Christmas that plays music when you push/pull, etc, the buttons. She's not very good at working it herself, but she loves to sit in your lap and giggle when you make it pop and play music. There are some that are her favorite, too. She always giggles more or smiles bigger at those.

Today Ellie and I went for a walk. It has been a long time since we've ventured outside, but it just didn't feel like winter today. It might as well be springtime here. It was 50 degrees, sunny, and windy. If that doesn't say "March in Montana", then I don't know what does. So... we went for a walk to the pond and back. I was going to walk around the pond, but the wind picked up and Ellie was falling asleep, so I headed back. I thought I could make it back before she zonked out, but I was wrong. She's been sleeping in her carrier for over an hour now and there's no sign she'll stir any time soon! I should probably take advantage of her nap and go finish putting all the Christmas decorations back under the stairs.

And I promise I'll try to do better at taking and posting pictures. =)

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Anonymous said...

yippee.... (finally) a new post! i LOVE that photo of ellie with her new doll. she is darling and i can't wait to meet her (maybe this summer?). i love the updates on ellie AND you and leif. keep the posts coming! love ya! - tam