Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I just have to share...

About an hour after my last post, I came upstairs to get something and I heard a noise. From inside the carseat carrier I hear, "kh kh kh". I lifted the carrier cover and this is what I saw:

Also, this morning when Eliana awoke from her nap, I went into her room and started to take her out of her crib, unswaddling her first. Once she was free of the swaddling, she quit fussing and started playing with the mirror/toy we have in the crib. She didn't seem interested in me at all, so I just left her in there and she played happily for another 20 minutes. She was fussing not because she wanted ME, but because she wanted the use of her arms! I'd stop swaddling her altogether, but when I try to get her to sleep without swaddling her, she just sleeps very fitfully and wakes up cranky. So... we keep swaddling. Maybe someday she'll decide she's "too old" for that, but not yet.

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Dana said...

i love babies that are swaddled... little baby cacoons, but mine never liked it after the first few days :(