Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Things that go BUMP in the night

About 2:30 this morning we heard a big CRASH in our house. It was loud enough that it woke both of us up. The bottom shelf of our pantry came off the wall and ALL of the food that was on it spilled out and all over the floor. One of the shelf brackets is bent now, so I need to go get another before I can re-assemble the shelf and put the food back.

Then this morning Leif discovered that our hot water heater seems to be giving us the cold shoulder, literally. It will turn on and run, but shut off before there's even enough hot water for a quick shower. The hot water heater is only 3.5 years old... shouldn't need to be replaced yet! And of course, it goes finicky on us the day before my parents arrive...

Speaking of my parents - they arrive tomorrow!! I'm pretty excited. They're driving the truck up, hauling a Uhaul trailer (with the cradle and piano), so it's taking 3 days to get here from Texas. It will be great to have them here. I've been waiting for them to arrive for so long - I can't believe that July is really here already.

And that brings us to today's salutation... HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!! Leif went hiking with a friend and will be gone all day, but hopefully will get back early enough that we can go someplace to watch the fireworks in the valley. We discussed going to the fireworks show in Big Sky, so we'll see if we do it or not. Leif might be pretty worn out - he's planning to do a 10+ mile hike today.

Today also marks the beginning of week 39. We are ONE WEEK from our due date! The Dr. seemed hopeful that Phoebe would make her appearance this week, but we'll see. No signs of labor yet, just those pesky Braxton-Hicks contractions. =) Once my parents arrive, though, I'm all for this baby gettin' the show on the road!

Happy 4th to you all!

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