Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Due Date

July 11, 2006 had come and almost gone. Our girl, however, has not. I can't say that I'm surprised, but it would have been nice to have her come early. Alas, tomorrow I will be, as they say, "overdue."

My mom's advice to pregnant couples for years has been that the mom-to-be needs to get out of the house and do something on her due date, even if it is just going out to eat or going to a movie. So... my folks took us out to dinner. We ate at The Pickle Barrel and I split a 1/2 meatball sandwich with my mom. Then we had ice cream. It would have been fine and I would have eaten a small serving of the frozen delicacy, but then we learned that for the price of a "single" cone, you could get up to 3 scoops. Wow. I mean really... can you just get one scoop knowing that the other two would be free? Anyway- I figured it was my due date and indulged. And yes, this was immediately after eating a pickle. Might as well go for the stereotype, right?

But, yeah... my due date has come and gone and I'm okay. Still waiting for the baby to roll over, still waiting for labor. We're taking predictions, though, if anyone thinks they have some special insight into when our girl will arrive. Maybe we'll send you a special certificate if you're right. =)


Anonymous said...

i have no prediction, but i like guessing games... so my totally random, meaningless guess is..... SUNDAY!! phoebe will make her appearance on sunday!

Anonymous said...

dang it.... you should know by now... it was tam that made that random guess!

Elizabeth Wickland said...

I'll put you down for Sunday, Tam! =)