Wednesday, July 12, 2006


What does the Magic 8 Ball say? When will Phoebe be born?

July 15 - Angie
July 16 - Charlotte and Tam
July 17 - Kathy (Elizabeth's Mom) and Nicole
July 18 - Leif
July 19 - Elizabeth

So what DOES the magic 8 ball say?
"try again later"


Angie said...

Put me down for the 15th!

nicole y. said...

I think mom knows best. I guess the 17th. Can we both get a certificate?

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Okay! You guys are down for those days. =)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS PHOTO.... TOO FUNNY! and tell your mom she must be a genius b/c I KNOW that "great minds think alike!" :) - tam

Anonymous said...

My prediction is July 18. When I heard your due date was July 11, my gut told me the 18th.(even before hearing they want to induce that day). I'm praying you have Phoebe natural. Gee..if she arrived on July 11 you could have gone around saying "Oh Thank Heaven for 7-11. haha
Best wishes and I'm anxiously awaiting her arrival. 'Aunt Nora'