Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Eliana's First Doctor Appointment

Eliana had her first trip to see Dr. Benda. It was a well-baby 5 day check up. She most certainly didn't like being stripped naked to be put in the scale and examined, but the appointment went well. She only lost an ounce from her birthweight, which is great. Her umbilical stump fell off this morning, which is earlier than they say it is supposed to, but the doctor said her belly button looks good and that it's healing nicely. He also said it's unusual for babies to be on a schedule (this was day 3) this early and that it was great. So... we're happy about the appointment. We go back in a couple days to have her weighed again to make sure she passes that birthweight mark, but as she only had an ounce to go, the Dr. said she'd probably be up to that as early as tomorrow.

Thank you, Lord, for a baby who is healthy.

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