Thursday, July 06, 2006

4th of July Celebration

To celebrate the 4th of July, Leif and I went out for a date. We went to dinner in Manhattan at Sir Scott's Oasis, then headed to Big Sky to watch the fireworks. We drove through the canyon as it was approaching dark and our first bit of excitement was getting to test the brakes on the Prius. As we rounded a corner, there were two deer standing in the middle of the road. Leif slammed on the brakes and the car responded excellently. Stopped immediately, no swerving, and the seatbelts held well, not digging in or causing discomfort. It was a little more exciting than we were hoping for, but we didn't hit the deer (though it took some honking to get them out of the road -- just before a car came around the corner from the other direction) and continued on our merry way. We saw fireworks all around when we got to Big Sky and enjoyed the drive as we wound our way up to the resort. As we neared the entrance, we could see flashes of light in the sky and knew we were headed the right way. Around another bend we caught a glimpse of Big Sky's fireworks display - it was amazingly beautiful! We got excited about the fantastic sight we were about to partake of when it all stopped. We pulled into the parking lot just as the crowds started pouring back to their vehicles. We'd missed the show and caught a glimpse only of the finale! In an effort to make it back down the mountain before traffic got bad, we high tailed our way out of there. Thankfully there were a couple of other fireworks displays in the valley, so we were able to pull off on a side road and watch and get some pictures. All in all it was a good night, a great date, and a fun way to celebrate the 4th.


Michelle said...

I love the pictures of the fireworks. They are very pretty. So are you getting anxious yet to meet your little girl?

Elizabeth Wickland said...

yes, we are! Now that my parents are here it's hard to wait for her to come - I'm ready now!! =)