Monday, July 17, 2006

They say that no news...

... is good news. Whoever said that has never been pregnant and overdue. Yep, we've got no news. Sorry all you weekend predictors.

Predictions (Red predictions are past)
July 15 - Angie
July 16 - Charlotte, Tam, and Michael
July 17 - Kathy (Elizabeth's Mom) and Nicole
July 18 - Leif and Aunt Nora
July 19 - Elizabeth


Anonymous said...

so can i change my prediction date (no gc needed if my new "guess" is right)? - i'm now with you for Wednesday the 19th. then your baby would be born 6 months (exactly) after me (well, 31 years and 6 months....)!! :) - tam

Elizabeth Wickland said...

I am SOOO hoping I'm wrong on the 19th... That means being induced tomorrow morning and have labor last into the next day... eek! I am still keeping my prediction there, though. Perhaps (if for no other reason) not to get my hopes up for sooner. =)

Dana said...

go on a bumpy ride... have mexican... walk a lot... rest a lot... i heard it all and i'm sure you have too, but at least it keeps you busy and maybe a little distracted!