Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sweet Pea

Every year we go to the Sweet Pea festival and we ignore the "children's activities" area. But not this year!! No, this year Leif and Neal took the kids to go build birdhouses in the activity area. I had to admit that the birdhouses turned out quite nicely! Then they admitted that the kiddos did very little to help with the construction and instead had fun just tapping the wood with nails instead. Still, it looks like they all had a grand time.

They stashed the birdhouses in some dense shrubbery so they didn't have to carry them around during the festival, but I am sad to say that when they returned to retrieve them at the end of the day, someone had taken them! We spent a good while looking for them, but they were no where to be found. How sad! Ellie didn't seem to notice though, so I suppose all is well. There will always be next year to build another!

(Oh, and I should add that Ellie and Zach and Neal made it into the video segment on the news about the Sweet Pea children's activities! It was just a quick little shot of them, but it was there! Or so I'm told... I didn't actually get to see it, but the Richters did. Sigh... My little girl's moment of fame... and I missed it. Oh well!)

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