Sunday, August 31, 2008

Piano Time

Ellie has really been into playing the piano lately. She sits down and plays and sings and it's adorable. Or she takes my hand and leads me to the piano and asks me to play "ABC song" whatever it is that she wants to sing. Then I play and she sits next to me and plays at the high end of the keyboard and sings. I love it! Yesterday she even sang (and played) the ABCs for my mom over the phone, and she can sing the WHOLE thing correctly! She did it twice through, but of course as soon as I pulled out the video camera to capture it forever she stopped. So you'll just have to take my word (and my mother's) that it's true.

These pictures are from the other night when we were playing together:

You can see her singing in the last one. Somewhere there are pictures of me playing piano with my grandmother. I have always loved music and I really hope that this is the beginnings of Ellie's love for music, too! I would love to share that with her!

ETA: Look what my parents sent me!! These are the pictures of me playing with my grandmother... very similar!

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