Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kayaking with Eliana

When we were camping in Yellowstone we decided to take the kayaks out on the lake for a little family paddle. Leif got Ellie all dressed up in rain gear and a life jacket, so as to keep her dry if she stayed out of the water and afloat if she fell in. I'm pretty sure there's no fashion statement quite like the one she was sporting:

And so we went on a kayak ride. Ellie was in my boat, sitting in front of me. And she was cranky. And wiggly. And I was sort of afraid that we'd tip over. But we didn't, and we paddled out a ways before figuring out why Ellie was so cranky.... she was tired. Oops. She eventually settle in and fell asleep on my arm. It would have been terribly cute if it weren't for the fact that kayaking with only one arm is rather difficult. It basically rendered me useless in the paddle department, so we tethered ourselves to Leif's boat and he proceeded to drag us around the lake while Ellie and my arm slept. We went quite a ways, and Leif got a good workout. The wind picked up a little and the waves got choppy, so we headed back to shore and Ellie eventually woke up as we neared the beach. I'm not sure it was the kayaking adventure we looked for, but hopefully we can take another kayaking trip when Ellie is not so tired and it will go better. We'll never know unless we try, right?


Susan Beth said...

I've got some perfect paper (from my Studio Calico kit) for those photos! So cute!

Angie said...

Ya know... Not too many kiddos could have pulled off that look and still looked so cute!