Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bite Of Bozeman...

Ah... the Bite of Bozeman. Our annual trip downtown to fight the crowds for a tasty turkey leg. It's the only time of year you can get one, so you know we didn't miss it!!

Because Eliana has been short on naps, we figured she wouldn't last for long at the Bite. So we headed downtown a little early (before the Bite actually started) and proceeded to wander around with Ellie in the stroller. This was nice for a couple reasons... First, because we were early there weren't as many people, so maneuvering with a stroller was a little easier. Second, because we were there early, we were able to survey the different vendors and stake out our spot and...


Oh yeah. Wanna see?

Sorry... we were too excited about eating the turkey leg to take a picture before we started digging in! But there it is, in all its devoured glory. Mmmm. One of the few things at the Bite that is worth every penny of what they charge for it.

Oddly, this year Ellie wasn't really interested in the turkey leg. It did mean more for us, but we thought for sure she'd attack it like she did last year. Not so. Instead, she spent her time sitting in the stroller drinking a frozen chocolate beverage.

Apparently, it was good to the last drop. I'm pretty sure she drank practically the whole thing by herself.

This year the Bite wasn't nearly as hot as it has been in years past, and it was enjoyable! We saw quite a few people we knew, which is always fun. We heard a little music (though not much, because we were only there for about an hour and the bands don't start playing right away) and ate some good food and headed on our way so Ellie could get to bed. All in all it was, again, a good way to start off the Sweet Pea weekend.

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Tamara said...

you always make those darn turkey legs sound SOOOOO TASTY!!!! i think one of these years we'll have to come and visit you DURING the bite of bozeman.... so we can have a taste at one of them thar legs, too! miss you, dear friend!