Monday, August 11, 2008


Having spent my summers in New Jersey growing up, fishing on Alloway lake is one of my fond memories. It's strange, too, because I don't know that I like fishing. But I have lots of memories of hours on the lake with my grandfather, sitting on the hot metal bench seats of the boat in my swimsuit, fishing. And somehow I always thought that my daughter would have those same sorts of memories. But we don't have a family vacation spot along the lake to retreat to every summer, and Leif doesn't fish, so I figured there would be no fishing memories for my little girl.

But I was wrong!

Lucky for us there is a pond in the middle of our subdivision that is perfect for daddies to take their kids. And lucky for us our friend and neighbor Neal DOES fish. So when he called to invite Leif and Ellie to join him in taking his kids (ages 1 and 2) fishing, I was pretty excited. I didn't go with, but as far as I can tell they had a good time. They did catch a fish, though no one was actually holding onto the rod when it was hooked, so they claim to share the victory. I'm sure there will be more evening fishing trips with the Richters. As for now, here are pictures of Eliana's very first fishing trip...

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