Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's Pea Time!

Remember the peas incident?

Well, in the last few days Ellie has decided that now she LIKES peas. Ate a whole bowl of them for lunch today and had quite a few last night with dinner. She likes beans, too, so we tried to teach her the word 'legume', but it didn't stick.

Along with her peas she ate about a fourth of my vegetable soup, half a can of fruit, and a few animal crackers. She's a little piggy. The other day she ate 4 (yes, FOUR) hot dogs for dinner, plus string cheese and some craisins. Piggy, I say... Piggy.

As a side note, the night before last she said to Leif, "Bye bye, see-ya!" It was the cutest.

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ragarza said...

4 hot dogs?! Wow, that's a lot.