Friday, January 25, 2008

Bath Time Routine

As of last week sometime, bath time has been added to Ellie's ever-changing bedtime routine. She loves baths, and thinks it's great to spend time splashing around with her "friends," which she can name pretty well. They're little foam sea creature shapes that stick to the bathtub wall. There's "turtle," "ray," (That's a manta- or stingray) "squid" (or 'quid as she calls it), "octopus," "'horse" (because she doesn't quite get the concept that a seahorse and a real horse are different. They both say "nay" after all!), "stars" (the good ol' starfish) and "crab." She loves them. She also loves her rubber ducky and gives him kisses! Lucky duck.

He gets a bath, too. As she is learning how to wash herself, she is washing him off, too!

(Notice the ear scrubbing going on in that last photo?)

It's wonderful that she loves baths so much. And it's something she looks forward to, so that makes the going to bed routine that much more fun.

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