Monday, January 28, 2008

Blizzards, Braids, and Baby duds

Well, I was planning on going into town today to meet someone for lunch and do a little shopping. But I'm looking out the window right now and it's blizzarding. I can't see the road in front of our house, and I can't see our back fence. So I don't think I'll be going into town at all. We'll just stay all snuggled up in our warm little house and enjoy walking around without frozen ice crystals pelting us at high speeds in subzero temperatures. Today might call for some hot chocolate.

The blustery weather also called for Ellie to wear her new sweatshirt today. Yesterday I went to Old Navy because I had too many people tell me I *had* to check out the amazing sale they were having. I'm glad I did! It was a pretty amazing sale (I think it's still going on, too, if you haven't been yet) and I got several things for Ellie and even something for myself! 50% off of the stuff already marked 50% off! I got an ADORABLE cream corduroy dress for Ellie (it has pink stitching details on it, but is in size 3T so I will have to wait to see her in it!) as well as a brown tank top and pink shirt for this summer and the aforementioned cream sweatshirt with little front pocket. She's been putting her hands in that little pocket this morning and running around - she thinks it's funny! I have to agree with her...

For myself I got a brown peacoat. I love it!! It was originally $78 and I got it for $18. Woohooo! I've been wanting a shorter winter coat. Living in Texas I never thought you'd need a variety of coats, but you really do! I have my ski coat, which I wear most of the winter since it is warm and keeps the wind out. Then I have my dress coat - a knee length black wool coat. I also have a light blue fleece to wear on days that I don't need a heavy coat or windbreaker. But I needed something to wear with jeans that looks nice, that isn't too dressy and isn't a full blown parka, but is warm enough to wear on cold days like today. That's my new brown peacoat!

And as for the braids... all of my years practicing braiding those tiny troll dolls' hair (do you remember those little troll dolls that used to be so popular?) has finally paid off. Last night Ellie was sitting in my lap drinking her milk before bed and I got the brilliant idea to try to braid her hair now that it's getting longer. Her hair is SO FINE, but I was able to braid it! Now, I probably won't braid it like this to go out in public... I'll have to wait until I find a suitable way to braid her hair, but we had to take pictures of her first braids!

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Jaime said...

Well, she obviously likes the braids sticking up (look at that face!), so I say you ought to go out in public! :-) She's too cute!