Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Birthday (and a half) To You!

Terry and Eric share a birthday, so to celebrate we drove out to Billings for lunch. We ate at the Texas Roadhouse and the whole family was there!

Pictured from left to right:
Elizabeth, Eliana, Gayle, Rolan, Wenda, Terry, Eric, and Leif

There was, of course, singing for the birthday boys, and even a few gifts. We had more food than we could comfortably eat, but it was all delicious. Even Ellie thought so.

Of course, her idea of delicious is a finger dipped in barbecue sauce, but she enjoyed it none the less. Despite it being well past her nap time, she handled herself well and was cheerful. She even gave kisses all around and told Grandad and Eric happy birthday. Well, 'birthday' at least, since she hasn't quite mastered the two together yet.

Ellie's cutest moment by far, though, was when she very seriously handed the waiter her sippy cup and said "Water!" after he came by and brought us new drinks. She doesn't miss anything!

So Happy Birthday, Terry and Eric. (And a happy belated birthday to my Dad, whose birthday was last Saturday!) and a happy half birthday to you, too, Eliana. The last 18 months have been much cuter thanks to you.

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Christina said...

Happy Birthday indeed! Looks like you had a good time!