Monday, November 12, 2007


Ellie officially has too many words for me to count. She can repeat just about anything you throw at her, and she uses a lot of words and phrases throughout the day. My favorite ones lately are:

stinky (she makes the greatest face when she says this.)
breakfast (which she learned this morning and can enunciate surprisingly well.)

She understands plenty, too. This morning we were getting ready to go to town and she came into our room. Leif noticed that she didn't have her shoes on and said, "Where are your shoes? Go get your shoes so we can leave!" Of course, he was joking with her, but she ran out of the room. We laughed at how it seemed like she really was running out to get her shoes. A couple minutes later, though, she came back into our room saying, "Shoe!" and holding out a shoe for us to put on her foot. It was precious and neat to see how much she really understands.

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