Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Eliana's First Hair Cut

It was time. Her bangs had grown past her eyes. She was getting food in her hair when she ate because she'd try to brush her hair out of her eyes. Yes, it was time. That doesn't mean she was happy about it.

She watched with trepidation as I snipped her golden locks. And then she cried. She normally doesn't mind me messing with her hair, but apparently cutting it is quite different than putting it up in pigtails every day. And so she cried. And then, in her relief to be done with the whole business of hair cutting, she mustered a pathetic pseudo smile for the camera.

We only trimmed her bangs, as we want the rest of her hair to grow. The rest is, however, still unruly, so I put her hair up in pigtails as I do most days. And she was not happy about this either. She didn't fight me much, but she sang out a chorus of "No!" in true toddler fashion.

With one pigtail done, I moved to the other side and she threatened to pull out the finished pigtail. She was done. Finished with the hair cut, and through sitting in her chair.

Soon, though, she saw that I meant business and the best way to get out of the chair quickly was simply to sit tight and let me have my way. So she did. But she was not happy about it and the look on her face said it all.

Once she was allowed out of the chair, she forgot all about the nasty ordeal she had just been through and returned to her normal, silly self in no time.


Angie said...

Se doesn't know how lucky she is to have you cutting her hair! If it had been me, she would have just looked crazy by the end of it...lol. (that pseudo-smile is cracking me up!)

Tamara Dunkin said...

i love the play-by-play. amazing how resilient (sp?) kids can be, eh? she looks great with hair NOT in her eyes and with a smile on her face!