Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! We tried to get Ellie to smile for the pictures, but this seems to be all she could muster up in the way of a smile for Uncle Eric, who was standing behind the camera trying to get her attention.

Once he joined us for a picture, though, Ellie seemed to think it was funny to watch the camera go off by itself (via remote) and she smiled and giggled. And so here we are, with a smiling Ellie:

If you're interested in the details of the menu, the decorations, and how I didn't stab anyone with a paring knife this year, you can find all those tidbits at My Inner Martha, specifically here and here.

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends! Today the Christmas decorations are going up (and indeed are halfway there already) and we dive into full on holiday festivity. And it occurs to me how wonderful it is that we begin the Christmas season with a time of Thanksgiving for all that God has done.

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