Monday, November 05, 2007

3 little words

"I do it!"

That was Ellie's first 3 word sentence. On Friday I was getting ready to carry something down stairs and had just started to open the door to the basement when Ellie ran over saying, "I do it!" while emphatically swinging the door open the rest of the way. Then she grabbed my hand and started to lead me down the stairs. It would have been perfect had I not been carrying a 6 foot display screen! Thankfully she listens and obeys relatively well and sat on a step to wait for me to carry the screen down a couple steps. Then she'd take my hand and step down a couple steps and sit down again to wait for me to move the screen. That's sort of how we progressed and we were both happy - I because she obeyed and waited nicely while I worked the screen down the stairs without gouging the walls, and she because she got to do it.

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