Thursday, October 02, 2008

Rocky Creek Farm

Today we went to Rocky Creek Farm for a hayride and pumpkin patch!! We go every year (or have since Ellie was born...) and no one was organizing it this year, so I took it upon myself to make the arrangements. There were several rounds of phone tag with the farm owner before we finally were able to speak to eachother to make arrangements for the activities, and I ended up only giving people a couple days notice because of it! Nevertheless, we had a great group and even with the short notice we ended up with 12 moms and 19 kids who came, so I'm calling it a rousing success! It was 80 degrees out, so it didn't feel very fall-like, but it was fun and we got some fun pictures. Maybe we'll go back when it's a little cooler and take some more!

We started the day by letting the kids play in the hay fort while we waited for everyone to arrive. Hay forts are a great way to entertain toddlers!

After playing in the hay fort we headed over to the barn to wait for the last couple people to arrive and the kids got to watch the lady cleaning out the apple press! It wasn't as exciting as actually watching her press apples, but it was pretty enthralling to them nonetheless!

Once everyone arrived we took a hayride around the farm! This is the highlight of the trip every year and the kids love it!

The hayride takes us back to the pumpkin patch where the kids get to look for pumpkins! Because we've already had the first frost the pumpkins have been harvested already, but the farm is kind enough to put kid sized pumpkins out for the kids to "find" and take home!

Searching for pumpkins...

She found one!! This one is a lot like the one she chose last year!

After the kids picked out their pumpkins we all headed back to the trailer for the tractor ride to the barn!

Back at the barn the moms shopped for pumpkins, squash, and other harvest produce while the kids played on the tire swings hanging from a big tree. Ellie's favorite swing was the hammock swing, but she liked the yellow tire swing, too.

She also liked playing in the tree...

If you live in the Gallatin Valley and you've never visited Rocky Creek Farm, you should. It's a great place to go, especially in the fall. They're available for reservation for private parties in the mornings and open to the public in the afternoons and on Saturdays. Go check it out. It's wonderful!


Mory said...

Great pics...wish we could have gone but will look forward to going with B's preschool next week!

Jaime said...

Wow, you got a lot of GREAT pictures! I love them all! And, it looks like it was fun!