Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My parents babysat Ellie last night....

... only they weren't here.

Apparently, while I was out last night Leif called my parents and let Ellie talk to them. He put the phone somewhere in her room and then left the room. And she jabbered on, "showing" them one thing after another for half an hour. She was very content to have them there, even if they weren't actually present in the room.

I hadn't heard about all this, so when I talked to mom today she told me to ask Ellie who she talked to last night. So I did. "Ellie," I said, "who did you talk to last night?" And here's what she told me:

"I talked to Mommom and Poppy on Daddy's phone."

Just as clear as that she is able to communicate what she's thinking and what she has done, even the day before. It amazes me!

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Ivy Six-Pack said...

I bet it would have been funny to watch, too!!!