Thursday, October 02, 2008

First Prayer...

Tuesday night Eliana said her first spontaneous prayer! I am so excited to see this side of her developing as she learns about God and a relationship with Him. I wasn't home when she said her first prayer, but Leif tells it like this:

During Ellie's bedtime routine Leif took her to the potty and she sat on it and peed. Then, when she was done, she started to get up, then stopped and sat back down. She closed her eyes really tight and said, "Thank you for food, and thank you for pee-pee in the potty!"

How sweet is that? I love to see her expressing thankfulness, especially thankfulness to God, in the little things. I love to see her making those connections. I love to see her growing up in both stature and wisdom, and I love stories like these!

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