Tuesday, October 21, 2008



Ellie is very busy.

And so are we as a family, in case you haven't noticed the lack of bloggage lately.

We've been busy.

It will get better after the holidays, but until then I think we're going to stay pretty busy. I took on a pile of activities this Fall, which have been good. But they've also kept me from doing other things that I love, like keeping all of you saturated with pictures of Ellie! So while I can't go back and undo the dearth of photos, and I can't promise a return to the daily updates right away, I CAN share these today....

Eliana at the River

Eliana at the River

Eliana at the River

Eliana at the River

Leif takes Ellie down to the river when he wants to spend time with her. It's great. She gets to run around like a crazy girl, exploring everything around her without being told not to touch things. He gets to be outside, enjoying the quiet, without having to tell her not to touch things. Win. Win. Oh, and I get to stay home and get things done in peace and quiet. Can you have a win-win-win situation? Best of all, after a few hours at the river they both come home happy and relaxed, having spent good, quality, daddy-daughter time. And, well, I get to experience it through pictures.


Kristen said...

Yeah for daddy-daughter time!! We do the same thing, but Josh just takes her on a walk around the neighborhood.

Susan Beth said...

Those are wonderful photos! Can't wait to see what you do with them in scrapbooking!