Saturday, October 11, 2008

One week of Fall!

Really, can it be that we only had ONE WEEK of fall this year??? A week ago we were at the pumpkin patch and it was in the upper 80's. Thursday night it started to snow and has been cold, windy, and snowy since. I'm not ready for winter yet! So because I refuse to believe that winter is officially here, let's just celebrate fall a little longer with some fall pictures of Ellie and Grandad down at the river recently....

Ellie and Grandad at the River

Ellie and Grandad at the River

Ellie and Grandad at the River


Ivy Six-Pack said...

I'm with you - I am so not ready to say Fall is over - there are still leaves on the trees! Mind you the grass and trees are now covered with at least 8 inches of snow and it's still falling. We may be forced to accept that winter has arrived!

Great pictures!

J said...

LOL, we spent today outside here in Dallas and it was 86 and sunny...probably will be like this through late November. I remember the day we got married it was 72 here in Dallas - Dec. 23. :-)

Susan Beth said...

Love all the pics of Ellie with her grandad! I've been on a mission to get pics of J with his grandparents too. Need to get my dad up here so we can get photos with him.

As for the short fall, well, we had an almost non-existant spring, so maybe this was predictable?

The Musician said...

Snowy and cold? I was SWEATING this morning in the October sun. Crap. Not that snow in October would be my favorite. I might have to mail you some sunshine. poor you! Great pics of the trees though...oh, and the kid is still as cute as ever.