Sunday, May 11, 2008


We have been anticipating my mom's arrival for a few weeks now, and looking forward to her visit. My dad has a conference to attend, so she was coming up for a visit during his absence. So imagine our surprise when we got to the airport to pick her up and, as we were saying our hellos, who should walk out of the crowd but... my dad! Turns out he was planning on surprising us for part of the visit all along, and driving to Spokane for the conference from our house!

They arrived Saturday about noon, and Dad was able to spend about 24 hours with us before departing. He'll be back toward the end of the week to spend a few more days with us. How cool is that?

Starting off Mother's Day weekend with a surprise like that is not too bad! And today, my 2nd Mother's Day, started with cards (even one "signed" by Ellie!) and a great breakfast made by my wonderful husband! We followed that with church, and then Leif made a marvelous steak lunch for us. It was just perfect. Dad had to leave after lunch, but we just spent the rest of the day lounging about and visiting. It was a pretty nice way to celebrate being a mom.

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Christina said...

So great that your dad could make it up there too!! Hope you have a wonderful time with your mom and dad.