Sunday, May 18, 2008

Master of the Bath

That's my mom's new title. From now on, she is the official bath giver to Ellie. You see, for the past few months Ellie has HATED baths. So much so that we quit giving her baths and instead have been giving her showers because they're shorter and it's easier to clean her hair when the water is coming down from above. She screams the whole time either way, so I'm all for the shorter shower. However, when my mom gives her a bath, she giggles and plays and even lets Mommom wash her hair with no cries, protests, or complaints. It's amazing! After the bath Ellie even sits still to let Mommom brush her hair!

That's about where the magic of the Bath Master runs out, though, because THIS is how wiggly she was for pajama time, running away and putting her arms through the wrong holes!

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