Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sidewalk Chalk

With the nice weather we've been having, Ellie and I have been spending more time outside together. On one such day last week, (Tuesday, I think) we raided the "outside activity bucket" and decided to play with the sidewalk chalk from Ellie's Easter basket. (That's why the chalk is shaped like eggs instead of, well, chalk.)

At first Ellie was more interested in the packaging than the chalk itself, even after I'd shown her what to do with it.

After a while, though, she got into it and drew lots of little lines all over the driveway. Though all she really drew was lines, she told me what each thing "was". She'd draw blue lines and say, "Heart." and draw pink lines and say, "Butterfly." And yes, she really does "draw" girly things like hearts and butterflies. She loves pink and purple and Barbie and princesses. She is a girl through and through. And even though she is wearing a yellow shirt in this picture, it has little rufflies on it, so it is, in Eliana's words, "CUTE." Emphasis hers.

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Tamara said...

i love that egg chalk - it's easier for little hands to hold and harder to break in half! and the moment the first picture popped up (before I even read this blog post), i fell in LOVE with her little yellow top!