Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Barack Obama

Last night Barack Obama was in town. Right here in Bozeman, MT. We figured this was a once in a blue moon opportunity to see a political candidate here in the valley, so we went. It's a little sliver of history, but we got to be a small part of it, at least.

It was a large crowd for Bozeman at 7,000, but I'm guessing it was one of the smaller rallies for Obama. We got there an hour before the rally started and all of the seats at Brick Breeden were already filled. We got stuck in the standing-room-only section with a toddler.

I really thought the floor with a toddler was going to be a frustrating disaster, but it turns out I'm glad we were down there. We could let Ellie run around in one of the back corners of the room and we could go out into the atrium when it got too warm inside the auditorium. We could also sit on the floor behind the crowd, so it didn't feel too cramped.

I didn't catch too much of the speech between picture taking and toddler chasing. I heard a few things, but nothing that made me want to vote for him. No surprise there, though.

We left a little early to beat the crowd out of the parking lot. It was an interesting experience, and I'm glad we went. We may never have the opportunity to do something like that again in Bozeman, as we're not exactly a political hotspot here in the valley.

During the rally, Ellie got very excited and clapped every time the crowd clapped. She did this all through the introductions and announcements - right up until Obama came out. Then she suddenly lost interest and went on her merry way, eating fruit snacks and playing with the other little children whose parents had dragged them to the event.


J said...

Cool!! We didn't get to go when he came to Dallas, he came in the middle of a workday and they only told the public one day in advance.

Susan Beth said...

I'm glad you thought to go. It sounds like Ellie did get her parents political intelligence passed down to her, based on her clapping behaviors. I bet he is a very nice man, although I just can't bring myself to vote for him because I think he is wrong headed about many of his policies.

Susan Beth said...

Oh, and I wanted to say, that it is interesting to see your pics and contrast them with the Ali Edwards picks, and realize just how much "special treatment" Ali and her family get because of their political affiliations/positions. It's neat to see the man's campaign from those two different perspectives!

Taylor said...

My favorite sign was the "Barack and Roll" one.

DREW! said...

Incredible pictures. Despite the prolonged democratic nomination, I'm guessing you guys saw the next president.