Saturday, May 31, 2008


As Elizabeth has mentioned, Ellie's pretty well mastered identifying letters in their upper case form.

This morning when I pulled out the giant Costco-size 3 quart tub of cottage cheese because Ellie said she needed a second bowl after she'd already had a hot dog, string cheese, cereal, and a bowl of cottage cheese, she started calling out the letters she saw on the side of the tub. As I've been doing in the past, I asked her what the various letters say.

"What's 'C' say?"
"No, it says kuh." (Yes, I know I'm cheating, but I've been working on getting her to read "cat."

"What's 'D' say?"
"'D' says duh."

"What's 'A' say?"
"'A' say ah."

At that point I turned my back to put away the cottage cheese and I hear a knowing voice behind me saying, "Silly. Silly daddy. Silly daddy."

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