Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Spring Barbecue

So about a week ago, Leif and I had this conversation on google chat:

Leif: BBQ tonight?
I've invited 10 people.
me: What?
Did you mean to send that to me?
Leif: Yesh.
Do we have plans tonight?
Let's pretend that conversation happened in reverse order.

At first I thought it was a joke. You know, the, "Hi, Honey! I'm home and I brought the boss home for dinner!" sort of thing. But it wasn't a joke. I also didn't have to make dinner. Leif did all the grilling (he makes the BEST hamburgers) and everyone brought side dishes, or rather, side desserts. It was great.

The reason for the spontaneous celebratory barbecue? It was the first day that the sun was shining and we didn't wake up to snow. You just can't let a day like that go by without a barbecue!

(and we learned that you can actually fit four small children in our sandbox, but they can't move much once they're in there!)

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Christina said...

Looks like fun!!